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Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell

MC, Registered Psychologist

Whether this is your first-time seeking support, or you are returning to therapy, I understand that you might feel unsure of what to expect, scared or hesitant to delve into your emotional experiences. My priority as your therapist is to provide an accepting space where you feel comfortable to explore your experiences and the guidance to do so safely. I approach each new relationship from a nonjudgmental place with curiosity, care, and respect. I appreciate that every person is unique and that their experiences have shaped their identity, beliefs, and perspectives on the world. In my eyes, it is a privilege when people feel safe enough to share their stories with me.

I work with individual adults, with a special passion for supporting women. I assist clients with a range of issues, including anxiety and depression, stress and burnout, trauma and PTSD, and anger management.

My diverse background and extensive training provide me with a wide array of therapeutic tools and techniques to support you on your unique journey. As a trained Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, I offer specialized support for trauma and emotional healing. I am also passionate about utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in my practice, as I believe that understanding the connections between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors forms a solid foundation for therapeutic work. In addition, I find that solution-focused techniques and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills are valuable additions throughout therapy.

I believe deeply in the power of self-compassion, vulnerability, and authenticity. I’m dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges and build real and safe connections with yourself and others. Together, we will explore your unique story through open and honest conversations, addressing your experiences, hopes, and fears. My goal is to help you heal from your past and discover your inner strength, allowing you to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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