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Leanr more about our counselling approaches,  practice and team of psychologists.

Our team of experienced Calgary psychologists

We absolutely love what we do and consider it one of life’s greatest privileges to do this work! Our passion for counselling allows us to forge strong, years-long relationships with our clients. It is within this sacred relational space that our clients meet their authentic selves and progress towards their therapy goals. We take a people-first approach in our relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and our community. Integrity and authenticity are central to the work we do. 


At Calgary Counselling and Psychology Centre, we are devoted to providing an informed, inclusive, and accepting space for our clients and take behind-the-scenes steps to ensure we can do so. Our counsellors are trained in anti-oppressive & anti-racist and LGBTQ+ friendly therapy practices allowing us to meet our clients with cultural humility and affirming care. 


Our counselling philosophy centers an attachment lens and a keen awareness of the mind-body connection. We understand that emotions and trauma are, at their core, body experiences; we utilize techniques to improve your body-awareness and support a sense of safety in your body, so you can gently release what's been holding you back.  


Our team of therapists have varied life experiences, training, and areas of interest, making us well equipped to work with a diverse client base. We can’t wait to welcome you to our safe space where you can show up as your whole self.

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