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Counselling for adults, seniors or teens in a variety of evidence-based approaches for challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and more.

Individual counselling for a variety of mental health concerns

One of the elements our clients most appreciate about our therapeutic style is that we take a "whole-person" approach.  We take a holistic view of you and your challenges, and help you weave and integrate all the parts of you into a meaningful whole: your emotions, thoughts, body beliefs, values, experiences, background, and goals.


Whether you are facing a life-changing situation, are at a major crossroad, or struggling with the typical challenges of daily life, no problem is too big or too small for us to help you through.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to resolve the issue unsuccessfully by yourself? Perhaps you can benefit from some perspective or some science-backed tools and strategies. Perhaps you need to tweak your self-care strategy? We offer a space where you can pause and take a breath, feel your feels and speak your truth without judgement, and really be heard. We want to hold space for you.

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